Summer Evening Breezes Blew

Aloha 3

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.GARLAND. Flower Garland by Legal Insanity [L$1 / The Aloha Fair]
.HAIR. Sanna Hair by Wasabi Pills
.EYES. Faery Eyes (Chocolate) by Buzzeri
.EARRINGS. Gold Hoop Earrings w/ Seahorses by Grumble [FREE / The Aloha Fair]
.SKIN. Nima (Tone 5 / Makeup 01) by Lumae [L$100 / Aloha Fair Gacha]
.TATTOO. Gye Nyame Tattoo by Leti’s Tattoo [L$1 / The Aloha Fair]
.BIKINI. Aloha Bikini by Beautiful Dirty Rich [L$1 / The Aloha Fair]
.FAN. Aloha Fan by Dyer Maker [L$1 / The Aloha Fair]
.NAILS. SLink Nails Aloha Fun Colours by Lumae [FREE / The Aloha Fair]
.RING. Hanalei Ring by Bliensen & MaiTai [L$1 / The Aloha Fair]
.ANKLET. Hibiscus Anklet by Clamberry [FREE / The Aloha Fair]
.SHOES. Detroit Shoes (Brown) for SLink High Feet by Essenz [L$1 / The Aloha Fair]
.HANDS & FEET. by SLink

.BIKINI. Skimpy Bikini by OSITO [L$1 / The Aloha Fair]

.BIKINI. Hawaiian Print Bikini by Rir Designs [L$1 / The Aloha Fair]

.BIKINI. Chained Bikini by Ch’s [L$1 / The Aloha Fair]

.POSE 1. Uncompromising by Le Poppycock
.POSE 2. Blogger 04 by Apple Spice
.POSE 3. Valma by Label Motion
.POSE 4. TDR Mix by Label Motion
.POSE 5. Jewelry Pose by Label Motion

.LOCATION. The Trace

I Was Not Your Monster

.SNAKES. Im Medusa by May’s Soul [Tales of Fantasy Gacha]
.HAIR. Longfall Hair by Tableau Vivant [The Arcade Gacha]
.EYES. Chocolate Vanity by IKON
.SKIN. Summer II by Glam Affair [Collabor88]
.DRESS. Deity by Haste [Tales of Fantasy]
.BRACELET. Hera by Skjern Design [Tales of Fantasy]
.HANDS & FEET. by SLink

.POSE. by Purple Poses

Taken @ StoryBrooke Gardens

Lady Crow

.CROWN. Deucalion Halo by Random Matter [We Love Roleplay – June]
.HAIR. Genesis by Truth
.JEWELS. Lyra – White Jewels by Cubic.Cherry Kre-ations [The Fantasy Room]
.EYES. Sorrow Eyes by Dead Apples [Group Gift / L$1 Join Fee]
.SKIN & SHAPE. Odette – Sizzle by Lumae [The 10L Cart Sale]
.COLLAR. Eldar Collar by The Forge [We Love Roleplay – June]
.OUTFIT & BRACELETS. Hera (Silver) by Skjern Design [Tales of Fantasy]
.SHOES. Juno Barefoot Sandals by Luas [The Fantasy Room]
.HANDS & FEET. by SLink

.HAIR. Sabra Hair by Tableau Vivant [The Arcade Gacha]
.JEWELS. Lyra – Gold Jewels by Cubic.Cherry.Kre-ations [The Fantasy Room]
.BLINDFOLD. Thanatos Blindfold by Cubic.Cherry Kre-ations [Tales of Fantasy]
.EARS. Elongated Puki Ears by The Skinnery
.SKIN. Summer II by Glam Affair [Collabor88 – June Edition]
.OUTFIT, BRACELET & HEADPIECE. Hera (Gold) by Skjern Design [Tales of Fantasy]
.BREASTS. Mirage by Lola
.SHOES. My Elevated Geta by Blah
.HANDS & FEET. by SLink

.POSE. Lady Crow by Axix

Pegesus by Birdy [The Arcade Gacha – June]

Return To Innocence

.HAIR. Delta by Truth
.HEADBAND. Unsullied Mask by ANE [We Love Roleplay – June Edition]
.EYE. Demon Eye Set by The Skinnery [We Love Roleplay – June Edition]
.SKIN. Odette by Lumae [FREE / Group Gift]
.DRESS. by Blue Couture [FREE / SL Free & Offers Group Gift]
.NAILS. Candy Apple by Alaska Metro [L$10 / Marketplace]
.SHOES. Calbe Pump by Hucci [Collabor88 – June Edition]
.HANDS & FEET. by SLink

Today Was A Fairytale

.HAIR. by Illmatic [Kustom9]
.EYES. Pearl Clear Pond Eyes by Poetic Colors
.SKIN. Evie by Lumae [FREE @ FabFree HQ]
.DRESS. Lady Dress (Blue) by AUSHKA&CO [FREE / Group Gift]
.SHOES. Pleasantville Pump (Blue) by Hucci [Collabor88 – May Edition]
.HANDS & FEET. by SLink

Mossyback (Pink) by Birdy [The Arcade Gacha]

.HAIR. Sakura (Light Blondes Rare) by Truth [The Arcade Gacha]
.EYES. Chocolate Vanity Eyes by IKON
.SKIN. Liv 05 by Glam Affair [The Arcade Gacha]
.DRESS. Lady Dress (Pink) by ASHUKA&CO [FREE / Group Gift]
.SHOES. LC Heels by Reign [FREE / Group Gift]
.HANDS & FEET. by SLink

Lambicorn by Birdy [The Arcade Gacha]

.POSES. by Marukin @ Collabor88 and Label Motion

From London to LA

.HAIR & GLASSES. London to LA (London) by Exile [The Arcade Gacha]
.EYES. Chocolate Vanity Eyes by IKON
.SKIN. Liv Skin 05 by Glam Affair [The Arcade Gacha]
.NECKLACE. Luna Necklace by Pure Poison [ FREE / Group Gift]
.OUTFIT. Bella Outfit by Hilly Haalan [FREE / Group Gift]
.BAG. Leather Bag (Beige) by Zenith [The Arcade Gacha]
.PHONE. Kaitei Phone (Berry-San Red) by The Sugar Garden [The Arcade Gacha]
.RING. Single Daisy Ring by Yummy [The Arcade Gacha]
.SHOES. Frills Sandals (Black) by Pure Poison [The Arcade Gacha]
.HANDS & FEET. by SLink

.POSE. by Label Motion

.POSE. by Label Motion

Swan Heart

.HAIR. London to LA (London) by Exile [The Arcade Gacha]
.EYELASHES. Mesh Eyelashes by BC Designs [L$1 / Marketplace]
.EYES. Chocolate Vanity by IKON
.SKIN. Liv Skin – 03 by Glam Affair [The Arcade Gacha]
.DRESS. Swan Lake Act 1 – Odette (Rare) by  U.F.O [The Arcade Gacha]
.RING. Lady Bug Ring Red by Yummy [The Arcade Gacha]
.HANDS. by SLink

.BUTTERFLIES. by Le Poppycock
.POSE. by Imeka

A Month of Saturdays

.HAIR. Sanna by Wasabi Pills
.EYES. MayDay Eyes (Jet) by Song @ Kustom9
.SKIN. Evie by Lumae @ FabFree HQ [FREE]
.EARRINGS. Floral Stud by Earthstones [FREE – Rezday Gift]
.NECKLACE. Floral Triplet Necklace by Earthstones [FREE – Rezday Gift]
.DRESS. Raspberry Cardigan Dress by Osito [Hello Tuesday]
.BAG. Retro Clutch by BOOM [Kustom9]
.SHOES. Pin Up Peep Black by Hucci [Collabor88 – May]
.HANDS & FEET. by SLink

.POSES. Imeka

Ice Cream and Rainbows

.HAIR. Kiyomi by Taketomi [FREE / Group Gift in Notices]
.EYES. Chocolate Vanity by IKON
.SKIN. Siggy by Essences [The Dressing Room]
.LIPS. Koolaid Lips by Pink Acid [FREE / Cotton Candy Hunt]
.DRESS. Flower Dress by Myrai Style [FREE / Group Gift]
.NECKLACE. Letter Heart Necklace by Izzies [Dressing Room Fusion]
.BAG. Puppy Bag by Myrai Style [FREE / SL Free & Offers Group Gift]
.ICECREAM. Cornetto Pistacio by Tentacio [Kustom9]
.SHOES. Raviosa by CandyDoll [FREE / Group Gift in Notices]
.NAILS. SuperGlitter by A:S:S
.HANDS & FEET. by SLink