Lady Crow

.CROWN. Deucalion Halo by Random Matter [We Love Roleplay – June]
.HAIR. Genesis by Truth
.JEWELS. Lyra – White Jewels by Cubic.Cherry Kre-ations [The Fantasy Room]
.EYES. Sorrow Eyes by Dead Apples [Group Gift / L$1 Join Fee]
.SKIN & SHAPE. Odette – Sizzle by Lumae [The 10L Cart Sale]
.COLLAR. Eldar Collar by The Forge [We Love Roleplay – June]
.OUTFIT & BRACELETS. Hera (Silver) by Skjern Design [Tales of Fantasy]
.SHOES. Juno Barefoot Sandals by Luas [The Fantasy Room]
.HANDS & FEET. by SLink

.HAIR. Sabra Hair by Tableau Vivant [The Arcade Gacha]
.JEWELS. Lyra – Gold Jewels by Cubic.Cherry.Kre-ations [The Fantasy Room]
.BLINDFOLD. Thanatos Blindfold by Cubic.Cherry Kre-ations [Tales of Fantasy]
.EARS. Elongated Puki Ears by The Skinnery
.SKIN. Summer II by Glam Affair [Collabor88 – June Edition]
.OUTFIT, BRACELET & HEADPIECE. Hera (Gold) by Skjern Design [Tales of Fantasy]
.BREASTS. Mirage by Lola
.SHOES. My Elevated Geta by Blah
.HANDS & FEET. by SLink

.POSE. Lady Crow by Axix

Pegesus by Birdy [The Arcade Gacha – June]

No Way I’ll Let A Droid Slow Me Down

.SKIN & LEKKU. Galactic Dancer (Light Blue) by Aeva//Heartsick [We Love Roleplay]
.EYES. Alaska Eyes (LoveSick) by Song [L$1]
.JEWELRY. Ligni Set by RealEvil Industries [L$49 / Marketplace]
.VEST. Prue Vest (Brown) by Ravensoul [L$60 / We Love Roleplay]
.DRESS. Elven (Beige) by Peqe [We Love Roleplay]
.BELT. Daerwen Belt by The Forge
.BOOTS. Combat Boots (Grunge) by Yasum [L$75 / Fantasy Gacha Festval]
.GUN. Clone Blaster by CC Factory [Free]

.POSE. Catty Pose 7 by Kirin

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