Star Me Kitten

The Sugar Garden are at The Skin Fair 2014 with a new release called Eun-Seo that is available in 8 tones. I have been a big fan of The Sugar Garden since falling in love with their Baby skin. The X Tone is definitely one of my favourite tones ever in Second Life as it is so hard to get the perfect pale toned skin. If you are looking for a really adorable sweet featured face with a little bit of edge to it, then Eun-Seo is certainly a skin that I would suggest.

Also released by The Sugar Garden for the event are a selection of lips for the Loud Mouth mesh lips enhancement system. This is the first time I have worn the Loud Mouth system and I decided to purchase it specifically to try these lips as they always look so juicy. It is a little fiddly to fit but if you follow the guidelines in the note card, it fits reasonably seamlessly dependent on your lighting settings, but that is no different to all the other mesh enhancements in SL.

I really love the sheen that The Sugar Garden manage to achieve on their lipsticks giving them an amazingly realistic feel to them.. and I must admit that I might just might be a Loud Mouth convert thanks to them!

.HAIR. Drella by LCKY
.LASHES. Free Mesh Eyelashes by BC Designs [L$1 / Marketplace]
.EYES. Chocolate Vanity by IKON
.SKIN. Eun-Seo (X Tone) by The Sugar Garden [Available @ The Skin Fair 2014]
.MOUTH. Alli Mouth with Gap Teeth by Loud Mouth
.LIPS. Chu Lips by The Sugar Garden [Available @ The Skin Fair 2014]
.COLLAR. Kalima Neck Corset by Etchaflesh
.DRESS. Genevieve Dress by Una [L$70 / The Fantasy Room]
.TAIL. Hoshi Tail (Sugar) by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations [FREE / Group Gift / Free to Join]
.STAFF. Kiku Fairy Staff by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations [L$50 / The Fantasy Room]
.HANDS. by SLink
.FEET. by SLink
.SHOES. My Elevated Gatas (Traditional Black) by Blah [Whore Couture Fair]

Nyanamon Army by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations [Gacha @ Luck of the Irish Fair]

.POSE. Walkabout Two by oOo Studio Poses

Happy Days

.GARLAND. Crown White Flowers by Una [L$30 / Marketplace]
.HAIR. Full Moon by Little Bones [FREE / Group Gift / Free to Join]
.EYES. Chocolate Vanity by IKON
.SKIN. Aria Skin (Combo2) by Glam Affair [L$100 / The Arcade Gacha]
.NECKLACE. March Gift Necklace by VoguE Fashion [FREE / Group Gift / Free to Join]
.TOP. Studded Vest Belly Tee by SpearSong [L$70 / Marketplace]
.PANTS. Lagenlook Pants by Minnies [FREE / Spring Hunt]
.BRACELETS. Screw Handcuff by Pure Poison [FREE / Subscriber]
.BAG. Cat Bag E by Ooh La La [L$65 / The Chapter Four]
.NAILS. Natural French Manicure Set by League [FREE]
.HANDS. by SLink
.FEET. by SLink

.POSE. No More Drama by Le Poppycock

Keeper Of The Light

.HORNS. by Enfant Terrible [L$75 / Gacha @ Fantasy Gacha Festival]
.HAIR. Ruby by Lamb
.EYES. Alaska Eyes by Song [L$1]
.SKIN. Gemma 05 by Glam Affair [Ex The Arcade Gacha Item]
.EARS. Puki Mesh Ears by The Skinnery
.EARRINGS. Curved Earrings by CandyDoll [FREE / Club 108 Group Gift / Free to Join]
.WINGS. Steampunk Wings (WindDownAngel) by UNA [L$50 / Gacha @ Fantasy Gacha Festival]
.NIPPLE COVERS. by Soedara [L$1 / Marketplace]
.OUTFIT. Jewels Harness (Dragon RARE) by LUAS [L$50 / Gacha @ Fantasy Gacha Festival]
.TATTOO. Tribal Paint 1 by Chary
.HANDS. by SLink
.FEET. by SLink

.POSE. Nina Pose 3 by Kirin

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Donut Craze

.CROWN. White Flowers by Una [L$30 / Marketplace]
.HAIR. Catching Mermaids Hair by Milk [L$70 / The Dressing Room Fusion]
.EYES. Chocolate Vanity Eyes by IKON
.SKIN. Harper (Doux) by Essences [L$70 / TDRF]
.NECKLACE. Birdy Necklace by Glow Studios [L$60 / TDRF]
.CARDIGAN. Tweed Cardigan (Fatpack) by Ricielli [L$70 / TDRF]
.LINGERIE. Decadance (White) by Etiquette [L$10 / Marketplace]
.SHORTS. Soft Flowered Shorts by Mimosa [L$35 / Marketplace]
.SOCKS. Chausettes de la Fete by NuDoLu [FREE / Group Gift / Free to Join]
.HANDS. by SLink
.DONUTS. Donuts Craze Bag by Soken Kids Mesh [L$1 / Marketplace]

.POSE. Daisy Pose 6 by Imeka

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